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The revolt system is an alternate version of the Conquer system.

You can find a Revolt guide on the Grepolis forums.


The colonization system stays exactly the same even in Revolt worlds, you send your Colony Ship over to an anchor point with support troops, you wait 24 hours, and you have a new city.


The major difference comes when you are conquering a city with the Revolt system.


Before you are actually going to conquer anything, you need the following things:

without these then you can not expect to conquer a city, and it is suggested that you have an excess of the bare necessities.

Choosing a City


When choosing a city to conquer, it is best that the city not be any of the following:

  • Less then 750 points
  • Owned by another alliance
    • Unless you are at war with them, you do not want to incite any diplomatic incidents
  • Owned by a much larger player
    • If you only conquer one of a player's cities, then they might retaliate using the rest of their cities
  • Too small
    • If the city is too small, then you should probably wait
  • Too far away from you
    • If a city is too far away, you will not be able to use the cities to support one another
  • On the same island as one of you other cities
    • You can not farm efficiently with 2+ cities on the same island
  • Claimed by an alliance mate
    • Usually it is possible to 'claim' cities to conquer in your alliance forums, if someone else has already claimed a city, you should not go for it.

Basically, you want a city that will not cause too great of consequences, but is large enough for it to have been worth it to conquer. Remember, there is no way to abandon a city, so once you have a city, you are stuck with it until it is conquered by someone else.


Here are three examples of a city to conquer and the best option will be pointed out below.

Example cities
  1. City 1:
    • Abandoned city
    • 2500 points
    • one island over from you
  2. City 2:
    • Owned by a 100000 point player
    • You are currently 20000 points
    • The other player's alliance is twice your alliance's size
    • 10000 point city
    • You can not seem to get a spy through
    • Same island as you
  3. City 3:
    • A one-city player
    • No alliance
    • 10000 point city
    • your spy reports say no troops
    • 2 islands over from you
Example city evaluations

Here is my assessment of each of those cities:

  1. City 1:
    • Mediocre city, would make a good second city if there are not any better alternatives.
  2. City 2:
    • Probably the worst possible combination of attributes in a conquerable city, do not conquer a city like this.
  3. City 3:
    • The perfect city to conquer, you should go for this option if it is ever available.

Preparations to conquer

Before you actually conquer a city, there are many things you will have to do. These include making sure that you are allowed to take the city, that the city is cleared, etc.

Clearing a city

Before conquering a city, you will need to clear it, or kill all of the troops occupying the city. In order to do this, you should go about this process:

  1. spy on the city to find out how much resistance you will meet
  2. attack the city with appropriate forces to destroy all of the troops in the city

After this, you just need to make sure that the city stays cleared of troops.

Claiming a city

Usually alliances will have some sort of way to claim cities. To claim a city means that you say that you are going to conquer it, if you do not claim a city then you may end up having your colony ship accidentally destroyed by an alliance member, you may actually get punished by your leaders, etc.

Building a Colony Ship

You must build a colony ship to conquer a city, this might take some time because you need to collect up 10000 of each resource and then wait around 12 hours to build it, so make sure you have built it before continuing onwards.

The conquering process

Now we come to the exciting part, the victim is cleared, you have your Colony Ship ready and you want to do the actual conquering. Here is the order of events:

  1. Send an attack which is specified as a revolt attack.
  2. 12 hours after the revolt attack lands, a 12 hour period starts in which your Colony Ship can land.
  3. sometime 12 to 24 hours from when the revolt attack lands, your colony ship lands
  4. the instant the colony ship successfully lands, the city is yours.

Now, for more details

Timing attacks

You want to keep your attacks as close together and decisive as possible.

The Revolt attack

When sending the revolt attack itself, you should actually send 3-4 waves of nukes (many, many troops designed to completely overwhelm a city's defenses) and all of the attacks should be designated as revolt attacks, so that even if only one gets through, the revolt is still started.

Keeping the city cleared

Because the defender has control over his or her city even while the revolt is occurring, you will need to send periodical clearing waves to keep the city free of defending troops

The Colony Ship

You will want to time the colony ship to arrive as soon as possible after the initial 12 hour period is up. The 12 hour period does not differ from world to world, it is independent of world speed.

Because of the slow speed of the Colony Ship, you might need to start sending it even before the revolt attacks sometimes, so remember to keep track of this, otherwise you might not actually get the city.

In addition, you will want to make sure that there was no last minute support for the defender, so you should time a clearing wave to arrive a few minutes before the colony ship in order to make sure that your colony ship does not get killed.

And just remember, as soon as your Colony ship is ten minutes out of the harbor, you have reached your point of no return and you must continue with the conquest, or else you will loose a quite valuable colony ship for nothing

After you have conquered

Once you have conquered, there will be a multitude of things to do to settle in


Sometimes the city you conquered will have researched some things that you consider worthless. In order to fix this however, you must use up a culture point so be very careful about resetting researches. Note that demolishing the academy of your new city will NOT reset researches.


If the conquered city has a temple and it was worshiping a god, then it will keep this god. You should try to use a different god in the new city then you are using elsewhere, you do this in order to make sure you have as many god powers available as possible


Try to get to know your neighbors and your island of your new city, it may be useful in the future

Additional tactics

Sometimes, people will designate every single attack they send as a revolt attack simply to scare people and just in case they find that they can get a new city. So if someone starts a revolt on you, do not panic completely, prepare for the revolt attack, but if it does not come, then do not be surprised.