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Morale is a feature which compensates the large disadvantage a small player has when being attacked by a larger player and vice versa. It is an setting (decided by an administrator) which is turned on only in certain worlds.

What is Morale?

When one player attacks an another, a Morale figure is calculated using the following formula:

[(Points Defender/Points Attacker)*3+0.3]*100

If this figure is greater than 100, morale will be 100% and will therefore have no effect on a battle. Only if the attackers point total is 4 times or greater than that of the defenders will morale take effect. The lowest figure of morale possible is 30. Despite being debatable, morale decreases the advantage of a large attacker on the smaller player.

Morale can be calculated via the Simulator.


Morale is controversial. Initiated during the 1.12 update, many players have a strong dislike to morale on the forums, a single reason why many experienced players prefer Morale inactive worlds.