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Gezintiye git

Buriota Maliyet
WoodOdun 500
RockTaş 750
SilverGümüş 150
FavorTeveccüh 0
PopulationNüfus 8
Birim Bilgisi
Attack DamageSaldırı 20
DefenseSavunma 1
Cargo capacityKargo Kapasitesi 0
SpeedHız 5



Fire ships are burning ships that approach enemy fleets and ignite them. Only the defender can use fire ships. During an attack, every Fire Ship destroys one enemy ship, while destroying itself in the process. They are very slow, and are often passed up for Biremler for support.

Fire ships are your last line of defence and will only defend if they need to. Eg. If you have Biremes with the Fire Ships, the Biremes will be used and then, and only then if they have all been sunk, will fire ships come into action.

Fire ships do not sink Taşıma Kayıkları, Hızlı Taşıma Gemileri, Koloni Gemileri or Hydralar. Fire ships can ONLY destroy Biremler, Triremler, and Ateş Gemileri

Only for Conquest (Original) worlds: Fire ships are some times used in Conquest worlds, because they can be launched in an attack but only if that attack includes a Colony Ship. In the attack phase Fireships do not do anything however they can help defend the city when it is undersiege.